Meet Jeannie Kong R(S)

Meet Jeannie!

Jeannie Kong Realtor (S) at Wailea

Jeannie Kong REALTOR® (S) Living on Maui Team

Jeannie’s first years in real estate were to work under a Top Realtor on Maui. She wanted to “apprentice” under a top agent and thus get the best training available. Under her top Brokers guidance she quickly became the Maui representative for Christie’s Great Estates. They are part of the Christie’s Auction house in New York City and represent the finest properties in the world!  This was invaluable experience working directly under their team. Through Christie’s Great Estates and working directly under their vice president she received an incredible opportunity to understand how the most luxurious properties in the world got marketed.

Jeannie Kong has been honored by being voted on the  Board of Directors of Maui Memorial Medical Center Foundation as Vice President. The board’s efforts and dedication will help ensure Maui Memorial Medical Center to realize it’s mission to become a Top Notch Innovative Hospital and to attract the world’s leading doctors to our Island of Maui.

Jeannie Kong has been voted as Director-at-Large at Realtors Association of Maui 2016-2019.

Jeannie Kong has also achieved many real estate production awards and numerous 100% satisfaction client testimonials. She holds memberships with the Real Estate Association of Maui as well as the National Association of Realtors.




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